Facebook Wala Pyar

What would you like – Organized marriage or love? The reply to this query is fairly straightforward for our protagonist Raj Kuwar Chaturvedi. Born right into a household the place individuals have all the time opted for the extra orthodox ‘organize marriage’, Raj is a insurgent. A insurgent who ceaselessly negates any effort by his lawyer father to get him married. Purpose – He is not settling for organize marriage.

And because the father worries, Raj does discover love. However in essentially the most unlikely method. He finds love on Fb. He falls in love with a woman he has by no means met, or for that matter seen in actual life. A woman, who refuses to even put up her personal on her profile. But, Raj and Kumari Bobby hit it off. A most unconventional love story.

What occurs once they lastly meet offline, in the actual world? Does Raj truly discover the love of his life? Or is all of it going to be in useless?

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