Please go through below what mean by “PROFESSIONAL”

Punctuality: Ability to value other’s and self’s time. Showing up on time, every time. These are the qualities that are expected of everyone and a star performer is the one who demonstrates this quality always.

Relationship-driven: People spend more than half their daily available time in a work environment. Building lasting relationships matter. While “what you know “ is important, equally or even more important is “whom you know” and “who knows you”. Visibility coupled with competence is a strong key to success

Ownership: Ability to own an initiative and commit to success. Execution is the key and this requires ownership at a personal level. Owning up the work, and owning up its outcomes is a desired behaviour. Ownership at a personal level is the first step towards accountability and with accountability comes collaboration. In an increasingly interdependent functional environment, ability to execute through collaboration is a key element for success.

Focus: With ever-increasing distractions, ability to stay focused on the task at hand, requires a high degree of self-discipline. You must have the ability to dig in and get into the fundamentals of a business problem rather than solving it at a superficial level. You need an ability to identify the root cause and solve it at that level, rather than symptomatic problem-solving.

Eagerness: You should be eager to take up additional responsibilities. Look at every day tasks as a learning opportunity, and strive for continuous improvements over those. You should demonstrate a hunger for learning at work. Learn beyond what is in your domain.

Service-orientation: Putting clients first (internal and external). Be it service industry or manufacturing industry, the company exists because of a customer base. It is important to have a mindset of understanding and serving the customer needs.

Stretch: Ability to go beyond boundaries. By boundaries, I mean in terms of time (work hours) and functional responsibilities. You need to have an ability to break through silos and work in an integrated way, rather than restricting yourself to your realms of the function.

Integrity: Of what use is the success, if it comes at the cost of failed ethics? Succumbing to temptation is easy, but you need to be a strong personality and maintain a very high level of personal integrity. Loss of wealth and health are recoverable to some extent, but not the loss of credibility. Espouse the right values and do what is right. In my opinion, Integrity is a non-compromisable value.

Objective: Be objective in your dealings with situations. While we as human beings are known to be emotive and that is our strength as well, it is important to maintain objectivity when dealing with situations. By objective, I do not mean that do not empathise but be fact-based.

Navigate: In an interconnected environment, it is important that you know and master the art of navigating your way towards your goals. Never take your eyes off your goals. The path to achieving the goal might have to alter depending on the situation, but the goal itself shouldn’t be diluted.

Adaptive: In the VUCA ( Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, the greatest asset for someone stepping into the working world is going to be an ability to be flexible and adapt oneself to the changing needs. Since the rate at which the external environment is changing is accelerating by the day, you need to remain connected with the external world and upskill yourself to be relevant for the future of work.

Leadership: I am reminded of the book written by Robin Sharma. It is the “leader with no title”. Leadership actually requires no title and it is a quality. You need not be designated as a leader, but yet you can demonstrate leadership qualities. Take charge of situations.

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