hair black and for thick hair


For hair black and for thick hair

please take

Bringraj raw leaves dry and make powder this should be 2 kg
indian gooseberry ( amla) powder 2kg
black till ( black sesame ) powder 2kg
take all of them which are good in quality, and mix well

again bring raw bringraj leaves and make juice of bringraj by grinding them and squeeze after squeezing get the juice of bringraj and soak all of the above three items soak in the night and dry in the day, like this you do 7 days then you dry well after 7 days make powder and consume above medicine only as your food along with milk and water for 45 days without taking any food,
your total hair turns to black, you will get disease free body, and all over skin glow, and thick hair

incase if you not able to consume without food,, please consume instead of tiffen and dineer and having lunch, this also gives same result but might take 3 months or more

if above type also is difficult then please reduce tiffen and consume above medicine and take afternoon before lunch and reduce dinner and consume this medicine

this also gives you good result but might take 6 months of duraton to get result


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