For pains and for bones strenthen


For pains and for bones strenthen:

Internal remedy :-

Thummabanka 100gr
( black babul plant gum)
Burugabanka 100gr
( silk cotton plant gum)
Dried garlic pieces 100gr
Aswagandha 100gr
Sugar candy 400gr
Take first two types of gums put on pan fry slightly
And make powder
And take remaining things make smooth powder and mix all of them
And consume morning 1 spoon in milk night 1 spoon in milk

If you take like thus your torn ligaments gets fix and you get back your earlier fitness of your leg or hands!

External oil:-

Please take aswagandha tailam and apply on affected area it heals and helps regenerating

Remedy 2:-

(Jungle lizard) this fat in some villages you get if you get this if you massage with this KOVVU. Your bones will be regenerated and ligaments also it’s used earlier days in our ancient Ayurveda

Remedy 3 Kaditha muliga
( jungle deer)
It’s taken from some jungle deer

If you apply it on your affected area with in 3 days to 7 days ligament problems as well as Broken bones would be Fixed strongly but these below two items bit difficult to get try if you can get.

Take care


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