Do you know ?


Do you know ?

11 Unique Indian villages
1. Shani Shignapur – village with houses without doors
2. Kodinhi in kerala – 400 twins in this village
3. Shetal in maharashtra – snakes as family
4. Mattur in karnataka – 100% sanskrit speaking people
5. Rongdoi in Assam – frogs are married to get rainfall
6. Barwaan kala in bihar – village of bachelors. No marriage since last 50 years
7. Kuldhara in rajasthan – haunted village, all abandoned, nobody stays
8. Punsari in gujarat – modern village having all houses with wifi n cctv camera. Also street light with solar power.
9. Hiware bazaar in maharashtra – millionaires village. Richest indian village with zero poor people. Has 60 millionaires.
10. Mawlynnong in meghalaya – asia’s cleanest village
11. Jambur in gujarat – african village as all are indian but looks like african


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