Bullmestiff : Prologue

Bullmestiff prologue


Bullmestiff is new and latest designer store for youngsters.

Prologue : Bullmestiff

Today, the world has moved rapidly towards technology. One third of global population is using smart phone and internet. People are loving this digital age: Online shopping, online banking, online tickets booking, online payments, online chatting. Almost everything is online today. They feel independent this way, getting lost in the virtual world, exploring places where they never have been before, looking at the dishes that they can prepare in their home, DIY for kids, meditating with help of an app, etc. It’s a whole new universe to them.

  • We, group of young entrepreneurs, can see our future in Internet.

We are Indians and India has wonderful market opportunities in Apparel. Everyone loves to wear their own fashion, whether it is Dabaang style or traditional fashion like Rekha, smart and glamorous like Sonam Kapoor or international fashion icon like Priyanka Chopra. Indian crowd is crazy for fashion. 

  • We love fashion too. But somewhere down the lane, we felt, fashion comes with a price tag that many cannot afford. 
  • We searched, did some market survey and we found out – as much as people love fashion, they want more variety, superior fabric quality, durability of garments, alteration of garments as per their sizes and they really wished if anyone could make designs as per them.
  • After another survey, we found out, there are lot of online sites offering clothing, best replacement policy, fast delivery, best return policy, choose and pick system in home and customers were really satisfied with the service. But, there were only a few online companies offering any customized apparel product, or even if they were offering, the quality of service was not up to the level of consumer satisfaction.


We aim to cater to our customer: 

  • A wide range of designs in apparel segment, customization of products like alterations in length, size, making the product within a budget, making their own designs online and getting them stitched and delivered to their home, hiring designers for personal consultancy for any event whether it is engagement, marriage ceremony, thread ceremony, birthday party, friend’s wedding, what to wear in honeymoon, what to wear during pregnancy, renting designer-wear which many have found very favourable so as to not repeat designer-wear in important occasions, not fill their closet with heavy dresses which they have to wear only once, not to spend too much money for the same reason.

So, with all these ideas, we made an online platform starting with collaboration with brands and designers.


Now, we need a name for our online platform. Should we name after something Fashion Pvt. Ltd., or anything related to Fashion and Lifestyle product or any person’s name or anything futuristic?

No, we did not want the name holding for any limitations for any expansion in any other segment. We wanted a universal name which should connect with the crowd globally.

What connects the world? LOVE. What is love? Soul connection, loyalty, respect, togetherness, keeping the promises, taking care of each other and moments to cherish together.

  • And all of these, we wanted to deliver to our clients.
  • We did not wanted to be too emotional/melodramatic. Hence, we chose for universal love: love between a human and its pet. A powerful loyal connection.
  • And personally, we, at that time, had a pet dog. We named it after our strong, loyal, handsome, playful young Bullmastiff. It couldn’t have been more connecting. 

Hence, we named our company – Bullmestiff.



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