99% possible of getting new hair.



99% possible of getting new hair.


While Using this oil you need to shave off the hair or do short hair to apply this oil excatly as per terms

1, Jemudu paalu 50gram
2, Jilledu paalu 50gram
3, Naageti dumpa 50gram
4, Naabhi 50gram
5, Guruginjalu 50gram
6, Chedupuccha Root 50gram
7, Tellavaalu 50gram
8, Vasa 50gram

Please take all these above ingredients and make small small pieces or grind smooth powder

and take 4 Times more weight of all the above quantities of Sesame oil

its goint to be around 1600gram

and please take 4 Times more quantity of above oil of these three items each item should have 4 times more in weight

Bringraj juice 6400 gram ( Guntagalagaraku)

Goat urine 6400 gram ( Meka mutram)

Cow Urine 6400 gram ( Aavu mutram )

Mix all these ingredients in Iron bowl or steel bowl and boil on slim flame slowly until all the liquid eveporates and oil only remains please do this very carefull it might take too long time but do very patiently and prepare

after boiling please filter the oil and store and apply this oil on your scalp at night and wash off in the day only with SHIKAKAY only its an herbal product to wash the oil

if you do like this surely you get hair with in 6 months to 9 months, you will see the result of getting new hair end of 2 month only

it controls dandruff too.
Take care


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